Samsung TV guide

samsung-tvWith such a diverse technological selection, it isn’t surprising that Samsung’s television customers have a wide range of questions, therefore we have highlighted some of the most common issues to arise – giving you an invaluable insight. More information can be found by calling the Samsung contact number.

Samsung television – an at-a-glance guide  

Q. Is it possible to record Freesat HD on my Samsung television?

A. Recording Freesat HD on your Samsung television is achievable by connecting an external recording device – once connected simply select the ‘Guide’ button on your remote control whilst watching Freesat HD, before pressing ‘Schedule Recording’ and choosing the programme you wish to record.

Q. How do I connect my games console to my Samsung TV using a HDMI cable?

A. This can easily achieved by:

Slotting one end of your HDMI cable (usually provided with the console) into the console’s HDMI’s Out port and the other end into the TV’s HDMI In port – please note that TV ports vary depending upon their model. It is also important to know that the Nintendo Wii and the pre-2007 Microsoft Xbox typically need to be connected using a SCART lead as HDMI cables are not always compatible.

samsung-televisionQ. How do I connect my Samsung TV and Sky box?

A. There are two options available, firstly you could connect the SCART cables to your Samsung television and Sky box, alternatively you can use a HDMI cable (if the Sky box supports one) – simply slotting one end of the HDMI cable (not automatically provided by Samsung) into output 1, 2, 3 or 4 of the television and the other end to the Sky box.

Q. Is it possible to disable the internal speakers on my Samsung (2014) TV?

A. It is possible to disable the internal speakers on your Samsung TV if they have them – not all models do, so it is worth consulting the manufacturer’s guide first.

Following some easy steps will allow you to disable the internal speaker facility (which must not be confused with the general ‘mute’ function):

  1. Select the ‘menu’ button on your remote control
  2. Choose the ‘sound’ option on the screen’s menu
  3. Navigate to and press ‘speaker settings’
  4. Please note that ‘TV Sound Output’ will be illuminated by default, please select ‘TV Sound Output’ via the pop-up menu
  5. Select ‘Audio Out’ and then press ‘OK’

For more in-depth instructions why not download a copy of Samsung’s free user-manual (available for most models)? Alternatively a member of Samsung’s technical team will gladly explain further.

Obviously it is impossible to cover every technical aspect regarding all Samsung’s television systems or indeed any of their many other innovative products, therefore if you’d like to discuss your specific technical enquiry please call between Monday and Saturday at any time from 9am until 6pm.

It is also possible to manage technical issues, request technical assistance, handle warranties and track the progress of product repairs by visiting and selecting their convenient ‘Cyber Service Centre’.