Samsung Contact Number | Call 0843 487 1805

Samsung Contact NumberSamsung, a technology giant from South Korea, has become so ubiquitous these days that if you have never used at least one Samsung device, then it is very likely that you have been living in a cave. Every year, Samsung releases a slew of new gadgets. Compared to its predecessor, every new model is a lot more advanced, in terms of raw power, user interface, and features. The users might not even be aware of all the functionality that their devices are capable of. To solve this problem, almost every country has a dedicated Samsung helpline. In fact, often, there is more than one Samsung contact number that you can dial.

There might be a different Samsung helpline for different categories of devices

In some countries, you can dial a Samsung phone number that is dedicated to only one type of device. This helps in shortening the time taken to find your way through the IVR options. For example, if you are in the US, and have a problem with your Samsung phone, you can directly dial 0843 487 1805. Or, if you are in the UK, and need assistance with your new tablet, the Samsung contact number is 0843 487 1805.

What the Samsung customer services can do for you

Unless you have bricked your device, for almost all other problems, the technical support provided by Samsung customer services should suffice. If your device really needs to be repaired, they will let you know where the nearest Samsung service location is, so that you can hand in your device there.

Samsung Contact NumberThere are other options if you don’t want to use the Samsung helplines

Samsung customer services are also available in the form of live-chats, emails, and some times video chats as well. You can look up all of these options on your country’s Samsung website’s support section. Just visit, and you will automatically be redirected to the website dedicated to your locale.

So, after having bought your device, and experimented with it for a day or two, you might want to call up the Samsung helpline to know more about it. Try dialling the Samsung contact number dedicated to the device category directly. After all, what is the point in buying a new gadget, if you can’t master it. Just make sure you know the exact model number of the device before you make the call.