Samsung Departments

Samsung DepartmentsSamsung is a leading producer and retailer of quality electronics from notebook computers to smartphones, televisions to refrigerators and everything in between. Known internationally for its quality products, Samsung is divided into several departments, including the Samsung customer service number.


The mobile devices department at Samsung carries the company’s top rated brand of cell phones, smartphones and tablets, wi-fi enabled and running the popular and flexible Android operating system. The Galaxy Note offers a gorgeous display and multitasking capability unprecedented in any other mobile device. This department also carries wearable devices and accessories. 


Home theater is more popular than ever, and Samsung’s Television and Sound department offers the best home viewing and listening experience. From state of the art flat screen televisions that can access the customer’s home network to high-performance speakers that give a quality surround sound experience, Samsung has it all.


Samsung’s photography and videography equipment is perfect for everyone, from the professional looking for the highest quality lenses and filters to the beginning filming a family reunion. Samsung also offers a trade-in rebate on old digital cameras.

Home Computing

Samsung has three departments that fall under the category of home computing: Notebooks & Display, Printing Solutions and Memory & Storage. Samsung monitors have an excellent reputation in technology circles, and their notebook computers offer competitive features in a light weight and powerful machine. No home office is complete without a quality printer, and Samsung offers a range of printers for any customers needs, from wireless colour laser printers to fax machines to multi-function devices. Memory & Storage offers the best in solid state drives, memory cards and portable, USB compatible CD drives.

Home Appliances

Customers in the market for any home appliance need look no further than Samsung’s home appliance department. Energy efficient laundry equipment, the innovative Showcase refrigerator, dishwashers, ovens and induction stoves and powerful vacuum cleaners that make hoovering a breeze are just some of the products offered in this department.


Customers can rest easy knowing that Samsung backs all their products with first rate technical support and customer care. With user-friendly information and tutorials available online, most problems are easily resolved and customers can also call technical support at 0843 487 1805 from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Monday through Saturday for live assistance.