Samsung Support – 0843 487 1805

Samsung SupportFor a company that offers a multitude of products ranging from mobile phones to home appliances, Samsung support offers the kind of extensive, helpful information one would expect on a Samsung Support phone number that is easy to reach and costs the same price as a regular landline call. Being a company large enough to rival Apple, Samsung ensures that it has an extremely efficient procedure for dealing with all manner of calls and follows a strict privacy policy which guarantees that your rights, as a customer, are protected at all times.


The Samsung Support number can be called 9am to 6pm Mondays to Saturdays and provides a number of services including product support, meaning anything from how to fix a fault or problem, right down to simple matters such as how to charge your device. They can also direct you to relevant information online or provide details of the nearest store should you prefer to speak to someone in person.


The Samsung Support contact number can also be used to give feedback on any of their products and the company has a dedicated department designed specifically to allow customers to provide quick and detailed complaints, praise or advise to a helpful member of staff, willing to assist if at all possible or necessary.

Complaints and Returns

If you are looking to return your product, acquire a refund or make a complaint, the Samsung Support number can be used for this as well. So whether you encounter a manufacture fault as small as a missing sticker or as large as a cracked screen on your new Samsung S5, or if you simply change your mind about a purchase, the members of staff on the end of the line will be keen to make any reparations necessary and ensure your peace of mind.

As a large company, Samsung usually encounters thousands of calls a day but using the Samsung Support numbers provided your issue will be dealt with quickly and professionally.